Steam Cleaning Method to Cleanse Carpets Effectively

London carpet cleanerThe London carpet cleaning method is the steam cleaning method. In this method steaming is used to clean carpets which have built up dirt, germs and earth particles. People prefer this method the most extensively in London and that is the reason it is often termed as London Carpet Cleaning method.

Different techniques of carpet cleaning

  • Shampoo method: this technique requires a large amount of foaming to be done on the carpet. A chemical named sodium lauryl sulfate is added to the carpet which creates a lot of foam. After the foam subsides and dries up, it is extracted out by a vacuum with dirt particles.
  • Carpet Absorbent Cleaners: this method uses an absorbent carrier with detergent and water. The soil particles in the carpet mix with the mixture and then are vacuumed off.
  • Steam Technique: This steam cleaning method uses steam to dig out deep built dirt in the carpet. It thoroughly cleaned the dust making the carpet as good as a new one. In this technique hot water droplets are sprayed over the London Carpet Cleaning with a concentration of detergent. On the spray is a vacuuming slot which extracts soil and earth from it.

Advantages of the steam cleaning method

  • Thorough cleaning: with the usage of this steam technique it is much easier to get a good finish on curtains as this is a deep conditioning method. Most carpet manufacturers also give advice to use this method as it will deeply clean the carpet in contrast to the other methods which only clean the upper surface of the carpet.
  • No chemical usage: this method is being increasingly used because it doesn’t have any concentration of chemicals. These chemicals do not suit many people like small children, old people and allergic adults. Steam cleaning method is much preferred because of the usage of water and detergent for cleaning instead of chemicals.
  • No fumes: this method doesn’t create any smell or fume in the carpet except that of the detergent. Also if an odorless detergent is used, the possibility further slows down.

It is because of the three above mentioned reasons that steam cleaning method is being extensively used. There are specialists who can clean carpets with this method in exchange of some price. It is a no fuss and a friendly way to clean carpets without usage of harmful chemicals.