How to Check the Quality of Curtain Cleaning

Curtains, like carpets, are expensive and need care to ensure they retain their original pristine freshness and texture. Curtains also attract dust and with humidity in the atmosphere, become a breeding ground for bacteria. It is in your interest to ensure curtains are free of dust, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a hygienic perspective.

In most cases, cleaning once every six months, or, if you keep windows closed for most of the time, once a year is sufficient. Washing is the least desirable method since this can damage drapery, especially the light synthetic types and the heavy, textured ones. It is in your interest to entrust the task to a regular curtain cleaning service to keep your curtains in pristine condition. The question is how to check the quality of Curtain cleaning.

There are tests to determine residues of dust and microorganisms in the fabric. This is an expensive process. A better way is to have a look at the cleaning methods employed by a London curtain cleaner company. Experts assess your curtains for the fabric and extent of soiling after which they will recommend in-situ cleaning or a full take down service that also includes re-installation services. Curtains may be given in-situ steam cleaning for routine maintenance and a full dry cleaning after take down as necessary after the assessment. Prior to this their technicians will carry out pre-spotting and pre-cleaning to remove stains. Ensuring that curtains do not shrink is an important part of the cleaning process. To this end they will measure the curtain before cleaning and usually dry clean to maintain the dimension, texture and finish. If your carpet cleaner does all of these, you can be assured that they have a high quality of Curtain cleaning process.

Extended curtain cleaning involves a number of steps that start with measurement of existing dimensions, removal, pre-treatment for stain removal, thorough cleaning using specialised equipment at the cleaner’s facility, steaming, folding, re-installation and pleating. Some London-based curtain cleaners will also carry out a fire-retardant coating process on the curtain as an added measure of safety.

If a curtain is not soiled, steam cleaning is environment-friendly and fast, this is usually carried out in-situ. If cleaning agents are going to be used, ensure these are environmentally safe, devoid of allergens and also remove dust mites and mould spores safely.

A worthwhile curtain cleaner will carry out quality checks on all their work. Ultimately, the simplest method to check the quality of cleaning is to visually check how it looks, the finish and for to make sure any stains or residues have been removed. Touch and feel the fabric; if it feels like new, you know that the work has been done to exemplary standards. The reputation of the curtain cleaner and years of experience in the business is another indicator of the quality of their services. If they offer a guarantee, it is further proof of their integrity.

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