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curtain cleaningCurtains may range in type and texture from the light gossamer-like material at one end to very heavy and lush drapery at the other end with plenty of variety in between in terms of fabric types and textures. You don’t clean your curtains every day yet they must remain fresh looking all the time. Prevention is better than cure so a house proud individual would ensure that the curtains are exposed to dirt, dust and grime as little as possible. Still, dust does tend to settle and soft furnishings can also become stained by everyday household activities and spills. If you are a pet owner, your cat or dog may decide to leave its mark on the curtains and carpet.

Start by lightly brushing the curtains with a soft brush. Brushing removes dust particles and is the simplest form of Curtain cleaning. If allowed to remain, the dust particles can combine with moisture and penetrate the fibres meaning that brushing will have little effect.

Vacuum cleaning your curtains with a brush attachment can prove to be quicker and more effective than brushing by hand. Some people may not be familiar with the technique needed and worry about the extra energy consumption but as it is more effective, it only needs to be done once or twice a fortnight.

If your curtains are not the extremely heavy type, you can dump them into your washing machine once a month along with fabric conditioner. Check the care instructions to make sure you use the correct temperature and settings to avoid any damage to the fabric.

You cannot dry clean your curtains at home without the risk of leaving patches so take them to a launderette and get them dry cleaned at least once every three months. If you live in a dusty environment, you may need to get them cleaned more often.

If you cannot be bothered to take down the curtains and wash them in the washing machine, you can get a special steam cleaner which will state that it can be used for Curtain cleaning. Leave your curtains hanging from their rail and start from the top, working your way across and down. Keep the steam head at a slight distance so that the steam cleans but does not wet the curtain.

If you are a traditionalist, you can always hand clean your curtains. The only precaution you need to take is use a soft brush if your curtains are the thin and light gossamer type. Even if they are made from heavy cotton, presoak in moderately hot water and rub gently with soft bristles brush rather than a hard scrub with a hard bristle brush.

After you wash the curtains, hang them to dry in the shade and do not expose to direct sunlight. If your curtains are heavy, it would be better to spread them out to dry rather than hang them to dry because the heavy fabric can stretch. If you like, you can spray them with a nice perfume afterwards.

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