About SooperClean

Founded way back in 1996, we’ve long been a leading provider of a variety of professional cleaning services, catering to both commercial and residential properties and establishments throughout the London area.

With our 22 years of specialised cleaning experience, it’s a rare mess that we can’t deal with. Through our sterling work record, expertise and attention to detail, we’ve built a reputation as one of the best London cleaning services, and we intend to keep it!

SooperClean’s Services

At SooperClean, we offer a huge variety of services, including steam extraction, dry cleaning, shampooing, hot water extraction and carpet cleaning, both water and solvent free. We comply with the strictest industry standards and regulations, and use the most up-to-date and professional equipment to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Our experience, skill and equipment allows us to remove almost any dirt, marks and grime without any damage to your carpet or curtains, while extending their life in the home. Combine that professional equipment, with our experience and ability, and you’ve got the perfect combo for dealing with mess and grime.

Choosing and putting up new curtains is a faff, and buying a new carpet is expensive, we can get them looking new, clean and free of dust mites and allergens, so your home or business can feel and look clean and new again.

We boast 24/7 customer care, allowing us to answer any and all of your queries, and make sure you feel kept in the loop. We also strive to provide the best possible prices, and have regular deals allowing you to make massive savings. Keep an eye on our website!

Why Choose SooperClean

We’ve long worked with a wide range of clientele including commercial property managers, home owners, and everything in between. That means we’ve truly seen it all, and worked in all manner of environments. When it comes to stains, dirt, dust and general grime, we well and truly know our stuff, no matter the intricacies of the job.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done within a tight timescale, and over-delivering on the customers’ expectations. No one ever expects to see their old, faded and stained carpets looking brand new again, but that’s what we can do. We can breathe new life into a room, improving the look, smell and feel, in one quick, effective move by providing best carpet and curtain cleaning service.

For more information on our latest deals or for any queries you may have regarding the company and our services, contact us on 0800 040 7376 and a member of our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to talk to you.